Thomas FRANChina ART

Personal Portfolio

‚ÄčThomas has been a professional painter for most of his adult life, painting on a full-time basis for the last several years at his studio located in Palermo, Sicily. His credits mostly consist of commissioned pieces of various private patrons.

He favors the liberal application of acrylics, modeling pastes, pumice, and metallic flakes to add texture and dimension to his creations. 

Vibrant, strong colors are a mainstay of the South and Central American traditions and Thomas draws on these to create lively, convivial but imperfect alternate-reality exteriors which imbed, sometimes subtly, his corresponding critique of pop cultural influences.

His exploration into the spurious, contrived nature of these influences, whether depicted as the pursuit of frivolousness or the corrupting influences of money and entrenched institutions, provides the basis for the underlying theme found throughout his work: the degradation of mankind.

Thomas Franchina has over 25 years experience supervising the design and construction of commercial, industrial, residential, and government projects both in Europe and the United States.

His experience in project and systems management reflected in the broad range of projects which have been completed under his direction: hospitals, hotels, churches, schools, and various government facilities.

Thomas was a pioneer in developing the infrastructure for the removal and safe disposal of asbestos once it had been declared hazardous to human health.

He holds undergraduate degrees in Systems Integration/Operations Management and Divinity from The Ohio State University, and is currently completing his Master of Science in Project Management at the University of Liverpool.

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