The title represents the strength and love for the art of three artists, who show originality and the beauty of art.
The painting, which intersects with the magic of photography, creating a "synergy" that immerses the viewer into a world view made of bright and vivid bright and sparkling colors.

The collaboration between the two artists was born from an encounter between Thomas Franchina and Darius D'India, the mutual respect led them to collaborate together. 

It has become a concrete project with the vision of Thomas and the photography of Brazilian visionary Fabiola Fernandes.

The figurative style of Franchina, an American painter of Sicilian origin, is always characterized by enthusiastic spirit and a freedom of expression that results in brightly colored brushstrokes.

The view of reality, reinterpreted with distinctive and distinguished paintings, without doubt was influenced positively by life experiences, ranging from his views of the world. 

(The famous photographer Dario D'India, whose works have inspired the painter Franchina.)

Presenting twelve pictures and paintings that compare two ways of seeing, two techniques, an exchange and a "synergy" strengthened by the enthusiasm of designer Fabiola Fernandes, who was immediately involved in the project, expanding its effective participation.


TWELVEpictures and paintings that compare TWO ways of seeing, TWO techniques

Thomas FRANChina ART

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