This painting is my version of Michael Angelo's famous "Mona Lisa". Ramona is a voluptuous woman that shows the beauty of women that doesn't fit the worlds view of a perfect woman because perfection comes within.

Trevi and the Kat is dedicated to one of my daughters, Katrina, as she visited Rome and was infatuated with the love that radiates from the famous Trevi fountain.  My Kat inspires me in my life and is a true blessing to me.....


world of gaga


This painting portrays a duality of time...from old Milan to new Milan as you can see the famous Duomo of Milan, a magnificent historical master piece next to the new Porto Nuovo development featuring a fantastic modern skyline of the Unicredit building. The film reel shows designs starting in the early 1900's as it progresses through time to feature the modern designs of today. In the background is the famous castle Sforza and the beautiful runway models bringing high fashion and life to the wonderful city of Milan: the fashion capital of the WORLD! 


THE QUEEN RULES THE WORLD as men bow at her feet to obey her every whim... 



"Scorned" exemplifies the wrath of a woman. Three beautiful women are fed up with the nonsense of men and remove their heads as vengeance towards a generation now of men that don't respect women. From the ghetto black man to the clown (as most men forget what it is to be a gentlemen and act as ass-clowns) to the pretty boy that thinks he is too good to open a door for a woman, this painting is dedicated to the many women around the world who lack the respect that they deserve. 

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Artist Statement

This unique piece called  
“Imagination Rules the World” is a custom acrylic painting mounted on a 120 cm x 100 cm EF Canvas. I used a combination of various acrylic paints, custom pumices, modeling pastes, metallic glitters, and acrylic molding mediums. During the initial stages of preliminary concept design, I envisioned the wonderful carousels of Paris and merged a mix of the Montemartre Carousel, Place du Carrousel and the famous Dodo Manege of Jardin des Plantes, featuring extinct or soon to be extinct animals. Carousels were born from tragedy: A jousting accident killed King Henri II, Catherine de Medici’s husband, in 1559, driving knights to practice a safer alternative to these tournaments, such as spearing suspended rings with their lances. For the birth of the Dauphin, Louis XVI held a carousel festival in 1662 in front of the Tuileries. In true Sun King fashion, it was all pomp and fanfare: 15,000 guests watched knights on their horses participate in jeu de bagues competitions. The celebration which took three months to organize lasted only three days, but the Sun King did himself proud because the memory of this grandiose fête still lives on: the location where it was held is known today as Place du Carrousel.

I feel that the world needs imagination and love and that motivated me to design a glimpse into the surreal world of fantasy, love, and happiness that comes from various know children’s characters as depicted in this world of fantasy and imagination. The color modeled clouds represent the vibrancy of life, the fairy send kisses of love in the air, and the soldiers march on proclaiming that ....

“Imagination Rules the World” 



Gaga over takes Rome as she did in her controversial music videos that were condemned by the catholic church because many characters were dressed up as nuns. What happened to the world of free speech and expression?! 

Thomas FRANChina ART


​                  (also known as brainwashing, reeducation, brainsweeping, coercive persuasion, thought control, or thought reform) is a controversial theory that human subjects can be indoctrinated in a way that causes "an impairment of autonomy, an inability to think independently, and a disruption of beliefs and affiliations. In this context, brainwashing refers to the involuntary reeducation of basic beliefs and values"

Many of my paintings portray a different view point as you see "The Fringe" which is an alternate reality of the famous colosseum of Rome, "Noah's Arc" the Biblical account of the great flood and "The Beauty of Nature"  which shows the breath taking view of the ocean flowers and most importantly the beautiful legs of women 

The painting of Palermo shows the beautiful historical buildings and monuments that make this city a gateway to the history of modern Europe. From the markets of La Vucciria, one of the worlds most known open air markets, to the traditional cannolis and cassata cakes, the painting shows the love of Palermo to its people, food and of course it's soccer team. 

​The soldiers depict the marionette puppets, founded in old time in Palermo, that are so famous around the world.  The sun and the colourful sky radiate the joy and laughter that comes with the place of love... MY PALERMO!


Dedicated to my best friend in the entire universe....